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Yoga for Teens 


Monday 6 to 7 p.m. 

8706 Westover Club Drive Austin Tx 78759

Ages 13 to 19

Teens are not children any more, nor are they adults. Teens are adoloscents. They have their own niche in society. And need to be acknowledged for who they are and respected for themselves. Adolescence is a preparation for what is ahead. It is a crucial step setting the stage for the rest of a teen's life. Compassion, sensitivity, patience are required with the developing teen. 

 A teen is moving through hormonal changes, this is stressful; add to this stress due to increased scholastic studies, extra curricular activities, all of which can affect behavior and emotions strongly. Tensions and stress can be increased as a result, creating a vicious cycle - catch 22. Yoga practices can help to remove the overload of hormones and emotions. Tensions, stress & anxiety can be removed. Potential can be unfolded; goals reached & achieved. Balance of Body, Mind and Emotions. 

Yoga is of immense benefit in a teen's life for balance and perspective. 

Testimonials from Teens and school teachers: 

"Even though I'm extremely busy and have a full load of AP classes, I make time to go to yoga."

"I feel relaxed and am able to focus better, ready for an evening and night of homework and preparing for tests." M. 

"The days students go for yoga, it makes my job much easier, tutoring them. On the days they don't, it is like pulling teeth!" Mr. H.

"No one makes me go to yoga, we enjoy coming here for yoga. It helps to know how to get the body, mind and emotions to work together." J.